How to Repot Majesty Palm (Steps, When + Care)

Majesty palms can grow at a rate of about 1 foot per year to a height of about 10 feet. Depending on the size of the planter, it is recommended that you repot your palm tree twice a year to refresh the soil and keep the plant healthy. So, how do you repot a majesty palm?

Remove the majesty palm from its pot and check the roots for signs of root rot. Cut off any damaged roots then place the palm tree in a new, larger pot. Fill the pot with a new well-draining potting mix making sure to cover the root ball.

When to Repot a Majesty Palm

The best time to repot your majesty palm is during spring or early summer to prevent damage to the roots. These are some of the signs that will help you know it is time to repot your majesty palm:

  • When your houseplant becomes extremely heavy on the top and starts to lose balance or fall over easily.
  • When you realize that your houseplant is growing slower than normal despite providing it with all the required care.
  • When salt and fertilizers you applied on the pot start to build on the pot or around the plant itself.
  • When more water comes out of the drainage holes whenever you water your majesty palm is a sign that roots have grown big and taken up most of the pot’s space.
  • When roots start to push the upper parts of the plant up or out of the potting container.
  • When the soils start to dry out more quickly despite frequent watering.
  • When the above-ground parts of your majesty palm outgrow the container.
  • If you see the roots of your majesty palm crawling out from the bottom of the pot (the plant to container ratio is off)
  • Your plant’s leaves start to turn yellow or fall off the plant (a sign that the potting mixture is not providing enough nutrients and minerals).

If you see any or a combination of the above signs, it’s time to repot your majesty palm. You need to check the pot regularly to see if it’s showing any of those signs. Majesty palms typically need to be repotted every 10 to 16 months, depending on how actively they are growing.

How to Repot a Majesty Palm

As the potted majesty palms grow larger, the roots become pot bound or start to grow through the pot’s drainage holes. That’s why repotting your majesty palm into a larger pot is necessary. Repotting a majesty palm provides the plant with extra space and fresh soils it needs to accommodate the extra root system.

Some of the things you will need when repotting your majesty palm include newspapers, pruning snips, a new potting container or pot, fresh well-draining potting mix, and lava rocks if your new potting container does not have drainage holes. For instance, the Soil Mixture for Parlor Palm Plants is one of the potting mix perfect for repotting any type of palm tree.

1. Water the plants

You will need to water your plant two days before repotting to loosen the soil and prime the root ball. Add water in the pots or container until it starts to drains freely from the pot’s drainage holes. Water your majesty palm again the morning of the day you want to repot them to further soften the soil and loosen the roots.

2. Select a larger container 

Most of the pots with drainage holes in the bottom can be effective for repotting. You need to choose a potting container slightly larger than the current one. Most of the majesty palms need at least a 3-gallon container for proper growth.

You will also need to keep the height and weight of your majesty palm when choosing your container. Don’t choose a container that’s too small or light because your majesty palm will become too heavy and tip over. Ideally, you can find a good potting container on Amazon.

3. Prepare the repotting spot

It’s no secret that repotting is messy. To minimize the mess, you need to spread out newspapers in areas where you plan to perform repotting tasks. The newspapers will make cleaning easier.

4. Remove the plant from the current container  

Turn the container where your majesty palm is planted sideways. Hold the plant gently by the leaves or stems, and tap the bottom of the container with your hand until the plant comes out.

5. Loosen the plant’s roots

Use your hands to loosen the roots. If the plant has extra-long roots, prune them off using a pruning snip. Don’t prune the thicker roots at the base of the plant. If your majesty palm is root bound, use your hand to unwind the roots.

6. Remove old potting mix

Remove approximately one-third of the old potting mix from the plant. You are going to use a new potting mix since the plant consumed most of the nutrients found in the old potting mix.

7. Add new potting mix

Poor some fresh potting mix into the new container. If your new potting container does not have drainage holes in the bottom, place lava rocks in the bottom of the container before adding the new potting mix.

8. Add the plant to the new container

Slowly set the majesty palm you removed from the old container into the new container. Make sure the plant is set on top of the fresh layer of potting mix. Add extra potting mix around the plant until the roots are secure. Leave enough space in your new container to allow the roots to breathe.

9. Water the plant

The last step is to water the majesty palm thoroughly until the new potting mixture mixes with the old mix you left in the roots.

Care For Majesty Palm After Repotting

  • Do not overwater your majesty palm after repotting as excess water can cause moisture stress or waterlogging. To avoid overwatering, soak all of the soil until the entire potting container becomes saturated. Allow the container to sit for 6 to 12 minutes for the water to fully drain from the container before you place it back to its place.
  • Majesty palms like moderate humidity. If you have a furnace running hot during winter, putting a humidifier in the room or leaving your majesty palm to sit in the patio or near the window can prevent your plant from drying out.
  • Potted majesty palm plants also love bright light. Make sure you put the pots in locations where the sunlight is bright for at least three to five hours each day. Installing a Sun Tunnel in your room can also give your plant enough light it needs to thrive.
  • You will also need to trim off the brown, yellow or dead portions of the leaves as well as excessive amounts of the fronds.
  • Last but not least, you will also need to apply fertilizer to your plants. A month after potting your plant, start adding fertilizers such as Epsom salt to give your plant a steady supply of nutrients such as nitrogen, potassium, and magnesium.

How long to let a new majesty palm rest before repotting

If you just purchased a new majesty palm that’s still in the container you bought it with, you should give it a few days or at least two weeks for the plant to acclimate to your new environment before repotting.

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