About Alex Worley

Welcome to my world of gardening, growing fruit and vegetables.

I’m Alex Worley, the owner and main creator of the gardening guides on Gardenine. I’m from Kent, Washington, but I move around quite a bit to experience the world.

Alex-K-Worley Author at Gardenine
Alex Worley, Certified Master Gardener, owner and author at Gardenine.com

My gardening journey and love for plants started back in 2011 as an apprentice gardener at the Outback Nursery in Baxley, Appling County, Georgia. Here, I got first-hand experience in plant care and gardening and soon became very good at helping plant moms and dads grow healthy houseplants and start vegetable and fruit gardens in their backyards.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Sustainable Agriculture from Andrew College in Georgia. I’m also a certified master gardener having completed the Georgia Master Gardener Extension Volunteer Program in 2019.

I’m happy my education reinforced my hands-on experience as a gardener and plant care expert.

I spend a lot of my time around plants and greenscapes as I help gardening enthusiasts build their backyard gardens, select, grow, and care for their plants. My absolute happy place is creating helpful plant care guides for my readers and plant moms and dads that I interact with.

What You’ll Find on Gardenine

On this website, I share my knowledge, experiences, and expert tips to help both experienced and beginner gardening enthusiasts grow vegetables, fruits, and houseplants successfully.

Alex K Worley, Author at Gardenine, Certified Master Gardener
This is me in my nursery pruning and hanging houseplants for display.

Here’s what you will find on my blog:

  • Plant care guides: In these guides, I cover the important information you need to care for different types of plants, such as the peace lily, jade plant, and snake plant. The guides also cover topics such as planting, propagation, pruning, fertilizing, and general care and maintenance.
  • Plant troubleshooting guides: These guides will help you identify plant problems and solve them with confidence. I include tips for detecting plant pests and diseases and suggest the most effective remedies for each problem.
  • Tips on how to start your vegetable garden: The section on vegetable gardening is designed for beginner gardeners. The focus is to help them select the right location, prepare the soil, and choose the right vegetables to grow in their gardens.
  • Companion planting: The companion planting guides will help you make the most out of your garden by pairing plants that benefit from each other for the best yield. By following these guides, you can maximize the health and productivity of your garden and create a balanced ecosystem.


I’ve been featured around the web in major publications, sharing my daily knowledge and skills in plant care to help gardening enthusiasts and plant lovers succeed in their projects.

Alex in the nursery inspecting dusty miller.

Here are some publications I’ve contributed to recently:

…and many more.

Fun Facts About Me

  • Australia is my favorite travel destination owing to its great biodiversity.
  • My first ever houseplant was the Mother-in-Law’s tongue
  • One of my favorite botanical movies of all time is The Botany of Desire (2009)
  • I enjoy traveling outside the United States during winter to enjoy the sun.

Getting Around this Website

Gardenine has plenty of posts on houseplants and indoor and outdoor gardening. Feel free to browse the categories below for inspiration.

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Let’s Connect

If you are looking to contact me, use my contact page. You can also ask questions and share your suggestions by commenting on the specific article you’re reading on the website. Here’s my full address and contacts:

Email: alex@gardenine.com
Address: 24816 145TH LN SE KENT, WA 98042-3406

Meanwhile, connect with me on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.