Ask the Expert – Consult a Master Gardener

Feeling stuck with your plant or garden? Consult with me for help in exchange for a small token of appreciation – as low as $10. I dedicate part of my time to helping plant lovers easily solve their plant and garden problems. We want to be happy, and so do our plants.

Hello, I’m Alex Worley, a certified master gardener with over 10 years of experience as a nursery attendant and plant care expert.

Is your plant troubled? Let me look at it, and I’ll give you expert advice on how to help it.


Consultation options include:

  • Live chat
  • Email consultation

Once you reach out, I will respond within 5-10 minutes so we can chat live. I encourage you to have photos or short videos of your plant problem where applicable. Chat options include Google Chat, Zoom, and Skype. WhatsApp coming soon.


My pricing is flexible. My goal is to help as much as possible and have my time appreciated. I appreciate your tip should you feel my time and help is worthwhile.

Quick 1


Quick help that doesn’t take much engagement or chatting to solve the problem.



3-5 emails, or under 20 minutes of chatting to solve the problem.

long 10


Over 1.5 hours of chatting and planning, or over 12 emails of consultation.

Remember, the pricing is not fixed. My goal is to help you solve your gardening and plant problems satisfactorily. PS: I’m still building up the service to automate most of the systems, including payments. Please be patient while we keep saving plants and making them happy.


Q: What can I expect during a consultation?
During the consultation, we will discuss your specific gardening issue(s) in depth. I will ask questions to diagnose any problems and provide my expert recommendations tailored to your situation.

Q: How does scheduling and payment work?
You can view my availability and book a consultation by sending an email or starting a chat right away. Payment is taken partly upfront and partly after consultation through Paypal, CashApp, or Zelle. Consultations take place by Email, Zoom or Skype chats.

Q: What gardening topics can you advise on?
I provide advice on all aspects of home gardening, including vegetable gardening, flower gardens, houseplants, organic practices, pest/disease control, and more.

Q: Do you offer follow-ups after the initial consultation?
Yes, follow-up emails are included to answer any additional questions after reviewing your problem I also offer discounted rates for multiple consultations to check in on your progress.

Q: Will a consultation help me as a beginner gardener?
Absolutely! My consultations are perfect for both beginner and experienced gardeners. I will guide you from the ground up on starting your first garden successfully.

Q: What if I just need specific plant recommendations?

A: Consultations are a great opportunity for me to suggest personalized plant recommendations for your garden’s unique conditions and needs. I draw from over a decade of experience to suggest the best options.