How Long Do Watering Globes Last? Do They Work?

Watering globes, watering spikes, or aqua globes are glass bulbs with long and narrow necks or spikes. They are very handy tools that can help water your garden when you’re away or don’t want to keep watering your plants. But how long can watering globes last?

Watering globes last for 7 and 14 days depending on the size of the globe and draining hole, and also how dry the soil is. If the soil is too dry, the watering globe will last shorter than when it is moist. A large globe takes longer to deplete its water than a small one.

I use the colorful Blazin Bisol Watering globes. They work so well, are colorful, and make for great decorative elements for my indoor and outdoor gardens. After filling the bulb with water, push the thin neck of the watering globe is into the soil of a potted plant to provide a slow and steady water supply.

How long do watering globes last?

Even though the manufacturers claim the aqua globes can last for about two weeks, you can’t help but wonder, do watering globes work even for large plants such as indoor trees?

Do watering globes work?

Though there are various options for regulated watering, watering globes are some of the cheap options out there apart from hydroponic systems. Yes, watering globes work well for small and medium-sized plants that don’t need a lot of water at once.

But how does the watering spike work?

  • When filled with water, the watering globe will water your plant gradually.
  • Once the soil dries, it emits oxygen into the globe, which thrusts water into the plant’s stem.

These aqua globes are not only meant for reducing the times you have to practically water your plants when on a busy schedule, but also to water your plants moderately. They also provide constant soil moisture for those plants that can wilt if left dry even for a day.

You should know that watering globes may not last for two weeks as advertised depending on the type of soil. But in general, you would return home to living plants especially if you’re using them on small to medium houseplants.

The aqua globes are a good option for controlled watering for your potted plants because they are also effortless to use and cheaply available. However, before you set up an aqua globe, you are curious to know how long it will last?

How Long Do Watering Globes Last?

Small watering globes can last for about 7 days while large ones last about 14 days. The draining rate depends on the soil texture and whether the soil is dry or moist. The draining hole can also determine how fast the water gets finished. Since water absorption rate differs is different in different plants, globes may last longer or shorter depending on these factors.

There are those plants that need stable watering, so you will need a solution to replace the watering globes if you will be away for an extended time.

Generally, an aqua globe lasts a maximum of two weeks and will require to be filled more frequently during the dry and winter seasons. This is dependent on the soil type, plant, size of the opening of the watering spikes, and the size of the globe itself.

The rate of water absorption in plants differs with different plants. Nevertheless, there are different aqua globes’ designs, which can influence how long they efficiently retain plants watered. What’s more?

Positioning the globe at the exact angle every time can be challenging and quite impossible. Therefore there will be a variance in the period the globe lasts each time. Sometimes it will be longer or other times shorter because this is determined by the amount of water you put in it and the position of insertion.

For plant lovers, nobody wants a disappointment of plants drying up, that is why you want to know how you use the watering globes properly.

How to Use Watering Globes Properly?

You can make your own watering globes that last longer than 14 days

The watering globe is a lifesaver for plants as it provides water to them constantly. All you need to do is insert the water spike into the soil, and the plant will get a small amount of water for up to two weeks if used properly.

Here’s how to use a watering globe:

  1. Fill the globe two-thirds full of water.
  2. Using your finger, create a small hole at an angle in the soil.
  3. Invert the globe, cautiously pushing the long narrow neck into the soil.

Pro tip: The hole you make with your finger helps to reduce the amount of soil that can get jammed inside the stem of the water globe. Direct shoving of the globe can end up breaking the globe and potentially injure your hands.

 At first, less amount of water will leak out of the neck of the globe. The water draining rate will depend on the type of soil, amount of water the plant uses, and whether the plant is indoor or outdoor.

Using aqua globes needs periodic cleaning and can be tricky. Therefore, when the water is depleted and the globe empty, use a toothpick or a long narrow pipe to clean the soil out of the stem. Refill the water and place it back in the ground.

Can you use watering globes for outdoor plants?

There is no need to move your potted plants from their usual position to use a watering globe. Aqua globes work perfectly as well for outdoor plants as those indoors.

However, for outdoor plants, you will need to continually refill the water globes as the sun tends to make the plants use more water. The type of outdoor plant will also determine if it’s appropriate to use the water globe. For instance, succulents don’t require constant watering; hence an aqua globe will not be ideal.

On the other hand, when used outside, a watering globe tends to get dirty easily. As much as these globes help in retaining the soil moisture, they can also act as beautifiers. When used for outdoor plants, dust and dirt debris will comfortably rest on them hence losing their attractive effect.

Use the watering globes for outdoor plants if you are always at home, and you regularly check on your plants.

DIY Watering Globes

Even though watering globes are cheap, if you have many plants, then buying them in large numbers frequently can be pretty expensive. You can make your own watering globes using plastic water bottles, wine or beer bottles, and even milk jugs. The DIY aqua globes could also hold more water than those advertised on commercials.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Plastic bottle with a lid, match/lighter, candle, nail:

Now, here’s how to make DIY watering globes:

  1. Light a candle using a lighter.
  2. Heat the spike of the nail in the candle flame. The heated nail will penetrate easily through the plastic bottle to create the tiny holes you want.
  3. Jab four to five holes around the stem of the bottle.
  4. Fill up the bottle fully with water.
  5. Dig a small hole into the soil.
  6. Fasten the cap on firmly and invert the bottle.
  7. Push the bottle carefully in, while upside down, into the hole in the plant soil.

Using a wine bottle, use a nail and hammer to make the holes on the screwing cap easily. Be careful not to make too small or too big holes to avoid the water from overflowing and underflowing.

Generally, I think watering globes are well worth a shot. Yes, they aren’t faultless, but they are low-priced and often perform the job effectively.

Even though plant watering globes can be an ideal method to keep your potted plants manageable and securely watered, they’re no replacement for taking the time to care for your plants.


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