Order Tracking

Here are the steps for tracking your order on the Gardenine website:

To view your order status and tracking number:

  1. Visit gardenine.com and log into your account using the email and password you created when placing your order.
  2. On your Account page, click “My Orders” to access your order history.
  3. Locate your order and click the order number to view details.
  4. If your order has shipped, scroll down to the Shipment section and click the shipment ID number.
  5. Your tracking number will be clearly listed under “Tracking Number”. Copy this number.
  6. Go to www.fedex.com and click “Tracking” at the top of the page.
  7. Paste your tracking number into the tracking form and click the “Track” button.
  8. Check the box to accept Fedex’s terms and conditions and your package status will load.

Occasionally, you may receive a “tracking number not found” message if the shipping notice was sent before the package was scanned at Fedex facilities. In that case, wait a few hours and try again later.

Contact us if you have any questions on tracking orders.