About Me

Alex W. Kibo
About Gardenine

I grew up in Georgia, United States, and have traveled to Africa and Asia. A little bit of Europe as well. Currently in Nairobi Kenya working with a local university in their agricultural programs.

Through-ought my travel and life experiences, I find a deep connection to nature and the need to nurture nature.

That is why on this website I will share and teach a lot about gardening: From hydroponics, indoor gardening, plant and animal care in the backyard as well as large-scale farming.

I hope you enjoy this website.

Feel free to get in touch with me using the contact form.

The story about Gardenine…

I hardly buy anything that I and my family eat from the grocery store. Most of the food is grown in the backyard, indoors, and on our rooftop by myself, my wife Eve, and my two amazing kids Ryan and Nicole.

This kind of life is amazing – healthy and fulfilling. We eat lots of organic food by the way. And we are here to share knowledge about our backyard gardening. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Contact me at alexjuniorkev – AT – gmail.com or on Facebook here.