Plants That Look Like Bird of Paradise

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Tropical plants can transform your yard into a color-splashed sight. The bird of paradise’s large foliage,  orange blooms, and towering height can make your yard look like a tropical escape.

But if you have a large yard, you don’t have to stuff the place with strelitzia only. You might want to try similar plants to mix things up. Here are plants that look like the bird of paradise:

The Towering traveler’s palm resembles a peacock’s tail with a stem. This towering beauty looks like the bird of paradise. The plant grows in USDA 10 to 11 zones.

Traveler’s palm 

Ginger lilies dot plenty of southern lawns. You’re likely to find two kinds, Hedychium gardnerianum and Hedychium coronarium. 

Ginger lily

The lush banana plant has large dramatic leaves resembling bird of paradise leaves. The lush banana plant grows in USDA zones 9 to 11. and they grow up to 30 feet tall.

Lush banana plant

The Canna Lily is a striking plant similar to a smaller bird of paradise. Its broad green leaves go up to 12 inches wide and create a beautiful backdrop with red, yellow, or orange colors. 

Canna lily

The Caesalpinia bird of paradise is a different plant from the Caesalpinia family. It is similar to the Strelitzia type with features sometimes hard to differentiate. 

Caesalpinia bird of paradise

Heliconia rostrata, or the Hanging lobster claw, is a herbaceous evergreen perennial similar to the bird of paradise, which is one reason that translated to its name. 

Heliconia rostrata

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