Plants that Look Like Aloe Vera 

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Agave plant

The agave plant is a succulent that can be found in various colors. They often grow to look like aloe plants and their leaves are pointed at the tips, similar to those of the aloe vera succulent.


Yucca plants can also be mistaken for aloe vera. They are related to the agave plant, but they differ in their shape and leaves. 


Haworthia plants are not only great substitutes to aloe vera, but they’re also much easier to grow indoors because their light requirements and watering habits are easy to meet.


Gasteria also has fleshy leaves that are arranged in a rosette. These leaves are long with a rough texture and may have patterned markings and colors depending on the species.

Dryland Bromeliads 

Their leaves grow in rosettes and have a rough texture, making them similar to the yucca plant leaves which can be mistaken for an aloe vera leaf as well. 


Before forming the fruit, the pineapple plant can easily be confused with an aloe vera plant.


Maguey is a succulent that resembles a cactus in its appearance due to the thorny edges on the leaves, which is why most people think it is a cactus plant that resembles the aloe vera.

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