Best Air Purifying Plants for Indoors 

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Spider Plant

The chlorophytum elatum variety of spider plant that was tested had a total leaf surface area of 2471 cm2 and was able to remove up to 10378 micrograms of formaldehyde over a period of 24 hours.

Snake Plant 

A mother-in-law’s tongue with a total leaf surface area of 3474 can remove up to 9727 micrograms of formaldehyde and other indoor toxins in a period of 24 hours. 

Devil’s Ivy

Devil’s ivy (pothos) has been found to absorb toxins such as benzene, formaldehyde and xylene from the surrounding environment through its heart-shaped foliage. 


Dracaena fragrans is a plant popular for its ability to clean formaldehyde and benzene from indoor air. It comes in many varieties with the most common being “Warneckii.”

Bamboo palm

Bamboo palms act as an air cleanser by removing formaldehyde from the air which is found commonly in many household cleaning products like bleach, detergents, fabric softeners, toilet cleaners, etc.

Peace lily

A peace lily with a foliage surface area of 7,960 cm2 was able to remove 41,392 micrograms of benzene toxin from indoor air within 24 hours according to the NASA study.

Weeping fig 

Weeping figs grow to a height of 3-6ft tall when grown indoors, making them one of the best air purifying indoor trees for homes with limited space.

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