Learn the ins and outs of indoor and outdoor gardening from a certified master gardener with a degree in Sustainable Agriculture. Here, you’ll get the best and most practical houseplant care guides and detailed growing guides for starting your own vegetable, fruit, and flower gardens. We also have great articles on weed control, companion planting, and plant pest and disease identification and management.

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We’re constantly creating new content for you to enjoy. Here are the freshest gardening and plant care guides to inspire you throughout your gardening journey.


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Weed Control

We’ve covered the best ways to get rid of weeds in your garden using both organic and cultural methods.

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Growing Vegetables and Herbs

Vegetables and herbs are at the heart of our nutrition. If you’re looking to start your backyard herb and vegetable garden, we have great guides to get you started.

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Companion Planting

Learn the fundamentals of companion planting, including what plants to pair together for maximum yield and pest and disease control benefits in your garden.

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