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Gardenine is the place for indoor + outdoor gardening.

Willing to grow some plants in your backyard? We did it. We loved it. Now we are sharing gardening tips and guides that will help you start your garden as well.

You can start a small DIY vegetable garden in your backyard, indoors, on your rooftop – or whatever little space you have.

If you have a gardening question, feel free to ask us right away.

Hi, I’m Alex K. Worley

I’m a self-taught DIY gardener. I and my family get just about everything we eat from our garden.

We’re motivated by healthy eating, and that’s why gardening to us is so interesting and natural.
I tried. I loved it.


Weed Control

There are different approaches to weed control – cultivation, chemical, and organic herbicide options. But which one is suitable for you?


Plant Food

Talk about fertilizers – they all end up in our bodies. So, what are the best synthetic and organic fertilizer options for your gardening?



Yes, you can grow plants without soil and be good at it. That’s what hydroponics is all about, and we are interested!


Backyard Gardening

Did you know you can keep even a cow and some chicken in the backyard? At Gardenine, we love to explore and we have tried these things.

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